"Quaint...and most charming."
-Publishers Weekly

Welcome Home

“In Kevin Walsh’s book, a simple weekend fishing trip becomes an occasion for an aging father and his three sons to rediscover how much they love each other.”
— Rabbi Harold Kushner, 
Author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Seventy-three-year-old Bob Walsh didn’t bother to ask his three adult sons if they would like to join him on a Thanksgiving week fly fishing trip to Western New York before he booked and paid for it. It had been five years since all four men, spread across the country, had been together. They didn’t have another five years to wait. 

As prized steelhead trout returned to the river to spawn where they were born, the Walshes retraced their roots, reeling in fish and each other; settling old beefs, reconnecting as friends, and bonding as men. And oh yes, one unforgettable fish was caught by the man who made it all happen. The Perfect Catch is for men written by a man. It is a book that wives will want their husbands to read, and a book that any decent man should have in his hands.

“For any man who has ever wanted to make his father proud and bond with his brothers, you must read The Perfect Catch. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, loves to fish and is not afraid to put love back into the tricky dynamic of male relationships in the family and among friends.”
— Dr. Marty Becker
“America’s Veterinarian” 

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